About myself

kappler-ueber-mich My name is Michael Kappler.

I have been working as an independent corporate consultant on a national and international stage since spring 2008. Prior to going freelance, I had been responsible for a host of different areas within Volkswagen Group's procurement processes for over twenty years.

During this time I focussed on areas including plastic raw material and plastic component purchasing, component cost analyses and supplier assessment as well as selection. I have bundled all my experience in OEM and supplier actions to provide my customers with a comprehensive range of services to boost your company's purchasing processes. My strengths lie in assessing the conditions from all angles and developing customised and sustainable solutions.

People are always at the core of what I do. It is only possible to implement changes to processes and ensure long-term success in collaboration with all participants. Transparency is an imperative in this process and binding rules applicable to everyone must be specified and complied with. This will result in trust and confidence.

I aim for what is feasible — not the maximum at any cost.